Choosing A Dentist In Birmingham City Centre


If you want to choose a dentist in Birmingham city centre, there are a number of points that you have to consider.  They will help you choose the right dentist in Birmingham city centre for your needs.  If you do not choose the right dentist in Birmingham city centre, you could find yourself with more pain and needing to find a new dentist to fix everything that was done.


Where They Are Registered


In order to legally work in the UK, dentists will have to be registered with the General Dental Council.  If the dentist in Birmingham city centre is not registered with the GDC, they are operating illegally and you should avoid them.  The registration with the GDC is important because they are the authority in charge of regulating all dental professionals in the country.  To find out if the dentist in Birmingham city centre is registered, you can look at the GDC website.


While registration with the GDC is a legal requirement, you should also ensure that the dental practice is registered with the Care Quality Commission.  This is an independent regulator for health and social care services in the UK and will provide regular inspection reports which help you choose a dental practice.  You can look at the CQC website to find out if the dental practice you are looking at is registered.  Between these 2 registrations, you will be able to tell the standard of care and treatment you are going to be getting from the dentists in Birmingham city centre. 


Training And Qualifications


In order to be a qualified dentist, 5 years of undergraduate training will have to be completed and they will need to have a Bachelor of Dental Surgery.  This can be determined by the lettering BChD or BDS after the name of the dentist.  If the dentist does not have this qualification, they should not be working in this profession and will generally not have the registrations that you are looking for. 


It is not only the initial training that you need to look for when considering a dentist in Birmingham city centre.  The dental practice that you choose should also ensure their employees all attend regular training to ensure that their skills and techniques are up to date.  This will ensure that you are getting the best possible treatment using the latest techniques. 


When you are choosing a dentist in Birmingham city centre, you need to look for evidence of extra qualifications, skills and interests in specialist areas.  This will ensure that you work with a dentist that is able to help you with what you need.  There are some dentists that have expertise in certain areas such as caring for anxious patients or offering certain types of cosmetic dentistry.  If you are

unsure about what the dentist has to offer, you should contact the practice to find out more.


The Dental Practice And Team


It is recommended that you visit the dental practice that you are considering before you make any decisions.  This will give you the chance to check it out and find out more about the dental team.  It is important that you know what to look for in the dental practice and the team before you visit them.


When you visit the office, you should ensure that it is tide, clean and well-organised.  It should also be welcoming and the staff should be helpful.  The dentist and other staff should all be approachable, professional and patient with any questions that you might have.  You need to ensure that you feel comfortable in the office and with the dental team because this can affect the overall experience that you have.


A good dentist in Birmingham city centre will also be transparent about their fees and pricing.  You should see if they will provide you with a written treatments plan along with an estimation of the total costs.  Depending on your budget, you should also find out if they offer a dental payment plan as this can make the entire dental process easier for you.  The dentist also needs to be clear about the policies they have in regards to cancellations and complaints should you have them.


The Hours And Location


When you choose a dentist in Birmingham city centre, you need to consider the exact location and the hours they operate.  In terms of the operating hours, they need to be convenient for you.  You should be able to travel to the office from work or your home and be able to arrive on time.  This can be difficult when you are heading to the city centre because of the traffic and you have to consider this.


The exact location of the dental practice can help you determine if they are convenient.  When you visit the dental office, you need to look at the parking situation.  Does the office have space for you to park, will you have to park on the road or do you have to find a third-party parking garage and walk to the dentist.  It is important to consider this because you might not want to walk too far after you have had treatment. 


The Dental Services Offered


One of the most important points to consider when choosing a dentist in Birmingham city centre is the services they offer.  All dental practices will offer the basic range of services for routine dental care.  However, not all of them will offer a wider range of services which include cosmetic dental treatments.


Before you make any decision, you need to ensure that the dentist in Birmingham city centre that you choose offers the treatment that you need.  If you need to have a crown put on your tooth, you need to check that this is something the dentist offers.  To check this, you should look at the dental practice website.  If the website does not list the treatments that are on offer, you will want to reconsider the dentist in Birmingham city centre.  They may not offer what you need or they are not transparent about what they offer.

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